My name is Kim, from studio Helemaalkim. I'm a Dutch freelance graphic designer, illustrator and screenprinter.  I also have a great passion for photography.


I get inspired by music, art, traveling, animals and nature.


I make art and I work on commissioned based projects. My commissioned work varies from graphic design and/or illustrations for all kinds of sorts of printed matter, or for the web. Examples are: posters, flyers, brochures, cd covers, book covers, logos, brand identities etc.

Together we look for the right style and atmosphere for your project!
A list of clients I worked with, can be found on the right. Exhibitions, activities and retailers are also listed there.

My art is for sale in my shop and at selected retailers in Groningen (screenprinted gigposters, limited artprints and postcards). If you are an art gallery, a retailer or someone who wants to collaborate, then please contact me. Companies and individuals can also contact me with questions about projects which I can do for you.
In all my creative work I use different techniques to create an unique atmosphere. Giving just that little bit extra. I make collages, using my photo's in them, collected clippings or all kinds of materials. I love making photographs in search for beauty in the everyday life around me and capturing landscapes and animals while I'm traveling. I like to use ecoline and pastels or I draw raw sketches with pen or pencil. I can also make vector illustrations in clear lines and shapes and graphic and typographical lay outs. And often (like my gigposters) this all comes together in screenprinting the end results.

I like to go of the beaten track and I'm always looking for fun new challenges. If you have any questions or if you would like to know what I can do for you, then please get in touch!







Clients of Helemaalkim:

Dichters in de Prinsentuin, SLAG, Groningen
De Verhalen van Groningen, Groningen
Kino Klandestino, Movie Event, Groningen
Rijksuniversiteit, University of Groningen
Academie Minerva, Art Academy, Groningen
Stichting Print, Groningen
Jeugd Orkesten Festival, Leeuwarden
The Upbeats (band), New Zealand
Guy One (band), Ghana
LeTitre (band), Groningen
Sexton Creeps (band), Groningen
The Swinging Strings (band), Groningen
Filthy Nelly (band), Groningen
Vera, Pop Podium, Groningen
W.A. van Lieflandschool, Groningen
Nijestee, Housing Association, Groningen
Keep Walking, Consultancy, Den Haag
Double2, Media Productions, Hilversum
Memorables, Officiary, De Groeve
Marleen van der Werff, Participation & Co-Creation, Groningen
Thuiszorg Comfort, Home Care, Groningen
Xendo drug development BV, UMCG, Groningen
De Hoofdzaak, Barbershop, Groningen
De Monnikskap, Flowershop, Aduard
Provincie Groningen, the Queen's Commissioner
Noorderzon Festival, Performing Arts, Groningen
Midzomernacht Festival, Holendrecht
Welcome to the Village, Festival, Leeuwarden
Excelsior Recordings, FTTB, Eurosonic, Groningen
Culturele Commissie, Adorp
Muziek in Bedrijf, Groningen
CBK Zuidoost, Art Centre, Amsterdam
Coolpolitics i.a.w. Boomerang, Amsterdam
Kunstenaars&Co, Amsterdam, Groningen, Groningen
Many Different Individuals


GRID, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Groningen, 2018
Vera, de voorkamer, Groningen, 2018
Plek Conceptstore, Deventer, 2017
The European Poster Explosion, Utrecht, 2017
Pictura, 365 +1 days, Groningen, 2017
Noorderzon Festival, Groningen, 2017
Galerie Kelderman & van Noort, Eindhoven 2016
Kunst in de Blob, Groningen 2016
Le Gigposter, Utrecht 2016
Illustratie 57, Minerva, Groningen 2016
Comic Sonic, Stripmuseum, Groningen 2016
Noorderzon Festival, Groningen 2016
Tiny Shark Art Attack, Eurosonic, Groningen 2016
De Kleine Heerlijkheid, Groningen 2016
Dingen050, Groningen 2016
Welcome to the Village, Leeuwarden 2015
Werkman Open Air, Groningen 2015
 Le Gigposter, Utrecht 2015
 Noorderzon Festival, Groningen 2015
 FTTB, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Groningen 2015
Simplon, Groningen 2015
Oosterstraat markt, Groningen 2015
CBK, Groningen 2014
 GRID, Grafisch Museum, Groningen 2014
 Galerie ZES, Groningen 2014
 Cafe Kult, Groningen 2014
Usva, Groningen 2014
Vera, Groningen 2014
 Le Gigposter, Utrecht 2014
 Welcome to the Village, Leeuwarden 2014
 Noorderzon Festival, Groningen 2014
 FTTB, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Groningen 2014
 De Stadsgalerij, Breda 2013
 Moes, Amsterdam 2013
 Welcome to the Village, Leeuwarden 2013
 Jonge Harten Festival, Groningen 2013
 Raamexpo Lewenborg, Groningen 2013
 Tebrugge, Groningen 2013
 Wij zijn worst, Groningen 2013
 Noorderzon Festival, Groningen 2013
 Gallerie Sign, Groningen 2012
Noorderzon Festival, Groningen 2012
DIY Designmarkt, Groningen 2012
 Gallerie Sign, Groningen 2011
A-Kwartier de Kunstroute, Groningen 2009
 Gallerie Pictura, Groningen 2008
Grafisch Papier Hier, Antalis, Amsterdam 2008
 A-Kwartier de Kunstroute, Groningen 2008
 De Atelierroute, Groningen 2007
Open studio 10-14 studio’s, Groningen 2007
Expo Kerk van A-dorp, A-Dorp 2007
Kunstenaarscafé, Floreshuis, Groningen 2006
Flatstock, Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg 2006
 Minerva, Groningen 2005
Poëzie Manifestatie, Offringawier 2002
Grand Theatre, Groningen 2001

Retailers that sell my work:

 Handmade Hopes, Groningen
Handprinted Stuff, Utrecht
Salmagundi Living, Groningen


Retailers I worked with in the past:

GRID, Grafisch Museum, Groningen
 Holtbar, Groningen
Kokotoko, Groningen
Verroest, Groningen
Roegholt, Groningen
Eco Pop Up Store, Groningen
 Roodkapje, Rotterdam
Kr8stof, Groningen
Magpie, Groningen
 Gallery Pepper, Breda
 Minstrel Music, Zwolle
 Dans Sa Vie, Groningen

I give Screen Print Demonstrations
with the Vera Artdivision at:

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, Groningen
Eurosonic Noorderslag, Groningen
Welcome to the Village, Leeuwarden


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