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In the Art Prints section you'll find very exclusive screenprints. All focus is on the artwork itself, they are not linked to a concert. I've printed illustrations, collages and photographic art in very small limited editions (mostly around 5 pieces per artwork or sometimes only one piece), wich makes them even more unique.  I've also used special paper like (f.e.) metallic or gold cardboard for different designs.

All Art Prints are screenprints. The image is built up layer by layer by hand through a screen. The colors are very bright, I mix them myself. They are printed in very small limited editions, sometimes there's only 1.

All of them are numbered and signed.

They are true collectors items!

Artwork listed on my website comes without a frame. Prices of full color screenprinted collage art are around € 350,- per piece. Framed artwork (full color screenprinted collage art) around € 450,- including a passe-partout and frame. Mail me for inquiries.


Click on an image to see the details and price about that specific artprint.

Fill out the order form and click submit. When I notify your order you'll receive an emaill with details on your order and paying options. After the payment is done, I'll post the order to the given address or you can collect the artwork at my studio.




Orders are shipped by standard mail. This usually goes well. If you'd like me to send it differently (f.e. insured) please contact me. I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged goods. 


Shipping Costs


The Netherlands € 7,-
Europe € 10,-
Rest of the World € 18,-


All prices include 6 % VAT.


Your package will be sent out within 2 days after your payment is done.


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